I've written and taught about the law of health information technology for several years. Selected works and presentations appear below.

Selected works: 

Grand Bargains for Big Data: The Emerging Law of Health Information (2013)

Private Certifiers and Deputies in American Health Care (2014)

Protecting Health Privacy in an Era of Big Data Processing and Cloud Computing (2014; with Tara Adams Ragone)

Restoring Transparency to Automated Authority (2011).

Reproducible Research (contributing author, 2010).

Selected Presentations

Data Governance Dilemmas for Research and Clinical Care (AMIA, 2014).

Privacy, Big Data, and Mobile: Technologies Operating Outside HIPAA Protection (PPR, 2014).


Future Policy for mHealth (with Melissa Goldstein), Presentation before the AAAS Workshop on Mobile Health, 2014.

Ethics of Big Data in Medical Research, Johns Hopkins Berman Institute (2014).

The Hidden costs of Health Care Cost Cutting, Drexel Law School (2014).

National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting (2014; on black box algorithms in health care and other settings)

Health Care & the Internet of Things (IOT), Fordham Law School (2014; on biosurveillance in “smart cities”)

University of Houston Journal of Health Law & Policy (2013; speaking on health privacy).

Harvard/Radcliffe Seminar on Mobile Health (2013; discussing regulatory options for encouraging quality certification).

University of North Carolina (2013 law review symposium on choices in health care)

University of Maryland Medical School (2013; on personalized medicine)

From Transparency to Intelligibility: Rethinking Disclosure in Health and Finance Reform, Harvard Law School’s Petrie-Flom Health Law Center Workshop, March, 2012.

Pharma Faceoff: Physician Privacy vs. Rep Free Speech (2011).

Rethinking Health Care as an Information Industry, Columbia University Joint Law School, Medical School, and Public Health School Workshop, March, 2012.

Grand Bargains for Big Data, Yale ISP 15th Reunion, 2012.

From Medical Record to Medical Reputation, Plenary Session of the Future of Health Privacy Summit, Georgetown Law School, June, 2012.

Co-chaired Panel on Pharmacogenomics, Privacy, and Innovation, as Chair of AALS Section on Defamation and Privacy, AALS Annual Conference.